September 2017

Adobe enhances Spark design tool with branding capability

As a photographer who sometimes needs to create my own banners and Facebook ads, I’m a big fan of Adobe’s Spark design tool. I’ve also used it extensively to create prototype web page layouts to help commercial clients visualize how a product launch or marketing campaign might look. Adobe has just added some exciting new capabilities to Spark, which now allows users to “Brandify” their content. Basically, you can add a logo, focus color, and favorite font, and Spark’s back end will create versions of its templates that respect and use your brand elements.

Selling my Nikon D810: $1600 including custom RRS L-Plate

I love my D810, but I’m moving on to the D850 so it needs to find a new home. It is in great condition (Nikon replaced the grips for me when I last had it cleaned and checked). 37K activations on the shutter, so it has plenty of life in it. $1600 by check, or $1650 by Paypal or credit card. US model (of course), includes all packaging and accessories. Manuals, strap, and charger have never even been opened. Has a Nikon round rubber eye cup on it (that I prefer), or I can put back the original. Email to safaris [at]

Cool new websites for Wildlife, Bird, and Landscape shooters from B&H

While nearly all of us know B&H for selling photo gear, some of us also know them as an excellent educational resource. I’ve been happy to speak at their event center, and lead photo walks for them, as well as speak at their OPTIC conference. Now, B&H has pulled together a variety of education and product resources custom tailored to specific types of photography. These mini-websites include Tips, Articles, Reviews, and Pa Product Guide for each area. The two of most interest to our readers are likely the: