New HP ZBooks are an Impressive Option for Your Mobile Digital Darkroom

While most of us have at least one high-powered “Photoshop Desktop” in our home or studio, processing on the road has always been tricky. The advent of 4K and up video, coupled with massive Raw photos hasn’t made life any easier. Recently I got a chance to . It’s a monster of a machine, and faster than all but the newest desktops. For photographers and videographers, though, the Fury is probably overkill. It uses Quadro GPUs, which are more expensive thanks to their certification with lots of engineering and AV software. But the Studio models are less expensive, and are almost the same, except they use Nvidia’s GeForce line of GPUs, which are less expensive but just as capable for most photo and video editing applications.

Best laptops for Photo Editing

I’ve just updated my guide to some of the , so it is current with the latest models. Not a huge amount has changed since it was last updated 6 months ago, but more models now have Nvidia 10xx (instead of 9xx) GPUs, which is a sizable jump, and now many of them have 7th generation Core CPUs (Kaby Lake). There are also gains in performance, some decreases in size, and ports moving towards newer standards. One important development on the horizon is Nvidia’s new “Max-Q” laptop architecture, which will enable thinner models with discrete GPUs. Those should start showing up in the market by July. Their primary focus is gaming, but as always, gaming laptops can be ideal for image processing.

Looking for a new computer? Here are some of the best laptops for photo editing

Each year I write up a list of some of my favorite laptop choices for photo editing, which is published on This year’s edition is just out now, so you if you’re looking for a new computer, and want a laptop that you can travel with but is also beefy enough to handle your photo editing needs, . An additional entry is the , a well-designed powerhouse with the latest technology.

A Terrabyte for your laptop! New WD Mega-Drives Announced

Since disk drives keep getting bigger it shouldn't be a surprise that you'll soon be able to get 1 Terrabyte 2.5" hard drives for your laptop.But of course it is always a little stunning to see the pace of change. These 1 TB and 750GB laptop drives from Western Digital don't compromise on features. In addition to a 3GBit transfer rate they have WD features like WhisperDrive for quiet use, drop resistant ShockGuard, and SecurePark for more shock tolerance.