Adobe bumps Lightroom's multi-core performance, adds a few new features

Adobe bumps Lightroom's multi-core performance, adds a few new features

Adobe continues to release incremental improvements to its various versions of Lightroom. Those of us who prefer the Classic version will be happy to see improved performance. The ability to quickly create collections from folders will also make managing collections across mobile devices easier. “New CC” gets some bug fixes, and the Android version adds Google Assistant integration, which should prove interesting, as well as perspective correction. Adobe’s complete list of updates to Lightroom and XD:

Lightroom Classic CC

  • Optimized CPU and memory usage so performance will scale better across multiple cores on computers with at least 12GB of RAM
  • Improved speed in multiple areas, including import grid loading, import and preview generation, export, and more
  • Instantly create collections from folders, making it easy to sync with Lightroom CC for mobile

Lightroom CC Ecosystem

  • Improved stability for all Lightroom CC apps
  • Lightroom CC for Desktop now allows users to add copyright to imported images
  • features:
    • A new Geometry tab adds powerful editing features for correcting perspective distortion (also coming soon to iOS)
    • The ability to search your Lightroom library with Google Assistant
    • The ability to add photos from your favorite apps, making it easier than ever to get all of your photos into Lightroom

Adobe XD

  • Vector graphics support in Creative Cloud Libraries enables designers to easily drag and drop vectors from their CC Libraries panel in XD to their canvas
  • Layout grids in Design Specs (Beta) better support communication between designers and developers
  • Three free, exclusive , created in partnership with leading designers around the globe – , and
  • Adobe XD for Windows 10 features basic pen and touch support