Images from Johannesburg with the DxO ONE

Images from Johannesburg with the DxO ONE

The Melrose Arch mall and environs in Johannesburg provided some good locations to capture images for the new DxO ONE. To make sure the camera was doing as much of the work as possible, I left it on Auto mode for all but a couple of the shots. Here’s a gallery of some of my favorites (NOTE: This is a pre-production camera, so final image quality will be different when the unit ships to customers) – Images are all copyrighted, so ask for permission before using them)…

Point and shoot mode

About half of the images were captured as quick ‘'’grabs” with only the ONE held in my hand, and me doing my best to visualize the framing. I didn’t always get it where I wanted it (the decorated Vespa image in particular, could have used some help), but with some practice it is not only effective, but very unobtrusive.

If you're not familiar with the brand new DxO ONE, it is a small camera with a large sensor that works really well with your iPhone or iPad. You can read more in .

Swivel acts like a periscope

One of the great features of the ONE’s connection to the iPhone is that it can swivel up to about 60 degrees either way. That means you can be looking straight down and still shoot forward, for example. Besides letting you shoot under and over obstacles, you can easily sit on a bench, or stand around, and be taking photos while everyone assumes you’re just staring at your iPhone. That should prove interesting for street photographers who like to take candids.

The DxO ONE Camera App

While I wanted to give the camera’s Auto mode a workout, I also wanted to play with the camera app, so I set it to Aperture priority for some of the images. The app displays all the shooting data you’d expect from a more traditional camera, with the appropriate setting for the mode you are in (Aperture for Aperture mode, Shutter for Shutter mode) highlighted. That makes it simple to adjust camera settings, with a “spinning wheel” type control that pops up when you select one of them.


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Are these SOOC?

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Diane -- Essentially, yes, although I did shoot them Raw and run them through DxO software set to the same defaults I would have gotten if I'd simply set the ONE to landscape mode JPEG instead. No other changes or edits. The camera & firmware are still pre-production, so I'm looking forward to see what comes out by the time they are ready to ship.