Canon’s New S100: A shirt-pocket camera to drool over!

If you want the ultimate shirt pocket camera, and can stand one in a little bit larger form factor than the ultra-tiny Elph series, Canon has kicked its “S” family up another notch by replacing the excellent S95 with the brand new S100. , it is almost impossible to believe the combination of quality and features in a camera this easy to have with you all the time…


It’s a 12MP camera with an f/2.0 lens that captures full 1080p HD Video with stereo sound, and supports ISOs up to 6400, all packed into a 6 oz. package! It includes a reasonable (for a point and shoot) pop-up flash, and just about every feature you could want except for an optical viewfinder (an endangered species on cameras this size). It features a good general purpose 5x zoom (24-120mm 35mm equivalent), which is an excellent range for a camera with this fast a lens that isn’t going to bulk up your pockets.

Unless you really need the cigarette pack small size of the or are willing to go larger and bulkier with the , , or , the is a no-brainer “David’s choice” for 2012.